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Eucharistic Ministers assist the Priest in the distribution of Holy Communion , either in Mass, at a ceremony of the word (i.e. when there is no Mass) or by taking the Consecrated Host to the sick in their homes. We are expected to show the same respect as does the Priest whenever he handles the consecrated species. We, therefore, carry the Ciborium or the Chalice with respect even when taking the sacred vessels to be purified. At Communion we offer the Host saying “The Body of Christ” or the Chalice “The Blood of Christ”. Remember the wine  MUST ALL be consumed before adding water to cleanse the vessel.

Before we add water to the Chalice when cleaning it, we must make certain that all the Precious Blood has been consumed and that any crumbs have been removed from the sacred vessel.  We should maintain a reverential silence whilst this task is completed except for exceptional reasons.

Ministers are expected to attend with the rest of your group, five times in the period covered by the rota. If you are unable to attend, please ask somebody from a different group to take your place.

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